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Joint Stock Company «Sigma-Optic»


Main activities and services

  • Design, manufacture and supply of: acoustic and acousto-optic devices, acoustic transducers and receivers; medical purpose devices; instruments for process control in microelectronics; devices for ecology and nature; instruments for monitoring and diagnostics of technological equipment for production, storage and transportation of gas; appliances for food industry; equipment for monitoring and diagnostics of power, process and metallurgical high-temperature equipment during its operation.
  • Production – Spectral acousto-optical (AO) devices (filters, deflectors) and spectral instruments (monochromators, spectrometers). Acoustic probes, including high-temperature (up to 500 °C) ones and systems for controlling parameters of technological processes for the oil-gas industry.
  • Extensive long-term cooperation with domestics enterprises and foreign firms for the supply of crystals, optical and technological materials.

Development and implementation of acoustic and acousto-optic equipment

Priority of our company - a solid-state acoustics and acousto-optics. We produce unique acoustic and acousto-optical sensors and instrumentation for process and environmental monitoring and carry out work on the development and adaptation of acoustic and acousto-optic devices and equipment for the technical requirements and customer wishes.

We have a modern industrial and technological base of acousto-optoeletronics providing development and production in a short time of unique acoustic and acousto-optic devices of wide application.

 The quality management system of the company is certified in accordance with ISO 9001-2008 in relation to the development, manufacture and supply of major products.

We build our relationships with business partners on an ongoing basis in an atmosphere of mutual understanding and constructivism, as much as possible being given to the demands of customers with consistently high quality requirements.


Новая статья о САКПП

В спецвыпуске «Надежность и ремонт объектов ГТС» журнала «Газовая промышленность» (720/ 2015. с. 69 – 74)  опубликована статья "Система акустического контроля прохождения очистных поршней и устройств диагностики по магистральному трубопроводу".